Bayside is Labeless, Promises Something New


Bayside was one of those Victory Records bands I always admired. When the decline of Victory began, I wondered what they’d do. They held on for quite some time before finally jumping on board with Wind-Up Records.

Turns out, that was a temporary thing. They released their last album, Killing Time, with the label and apparently, that was it. Lead vocalist Anthony Raneri talked about the situation in an interview with radio program Keep Calm and Carry On. Of the label, Raneri said:

It was cool, we’re not there any more, it was one-time thing. We’re actually not on any label right now, which is cool. It’s exciting, free agency. It was totally different ballgame, you know, being on Victory. Victory was great, and they worked really hard to help get our band where it is. We definitely would never have gotten to where we are now if it wasn’t for them. It’s a great label. When it comes to Victory, if you’re having a problem with something, or you have an idea you want to see happen, you call the owner on his cell phone, and then you guys talk about it. If he likes the idea, he gets excited, and he’s really passionate about the bands, and he knows all the lyrics to every record he’s ever put out. You don’t get that at Wind-Up, or a major label. But at the same time, you also can’t just call Victory and say, “We want Gil Norton to produce our record, it’s going to cost $150 grand.” That’s what you get at Wind-Up.

When asked about going DIY and self-releasing an album themselves, he said:

We are actually in the process of self-releasing something right now. It’s not an album, we’re actually announcing it in a couple of weeks, so I can’t totally come out and say it. But we are going to be releasing something while we’re on the Taking Back Sunday tour. It’s going to be similar thing to the solo record where you’ll buy it directly from us. We’re producing it ourselves, we’re funding it ourselves, you’ll be able to buy it from us at the shows.

If you ask me, it’s a cover EP (possibly on vinyl). We’ll soon see.

You can find the rest of the in depth interview is here.

Jacob Tender

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