STREAM: Roy English – “Chance (Feat. BRKLYN)”

Canary Dynasty

If there is one hope for the music industry, it’s the model and example Brandon Wronski, Cameron Trowbridge, and the entire Canary Dynasty collective have set to work.

Releasing what has now become a large number of singles, the dynamic talent and vision of Wronski and Trowbridge has reached new heights since their days in Eye Alaska. Now producing and singing under the names BRKLYN and Roy English, the two are taking over the airwaves with ballads, anthems, and now, pop dance numbers.

Today’s gift from the Canary Dynasty is set apart from some of the work released prior. Instead of a sweeping melody, sung over sweetly by Roy, we have an ambient dance tune, sung over sweetly by Roy.

Take a chance on love, and on Roy English with “Chance.” Found below.
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Jacob Tender

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