WATCH: Led Zeppelin’s 2007 Reunion Concert Is Coming To Theaters

Led Zeppelin with jet

Blogs have been exploding this week with rumors that Led Zeppelin were going to announce a world tour today following the end of a countdown timer the group had placed on their website, but it turns out those sites could not have been more incorrect. Zeppelin are not reuniting again, nor are they hitting an arena near you anytime soon, but they will be just a drive and overpriced concession away later this Fall when their film documenting their 2007 reunion concert hits theaters nationwide. Entitled Celebration Day, the film will showcase the concert that has gone down in history as “the most demanded ticket ever,” and give fans a look behind the scenes as never before. The release is scheduled for 1500 screens on October 17, with a physical release on “multiple audio and video formats” on November 19. You can view the trailer below:

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