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Indianola Records’ Honour Crest are gearing up to release their forthcoming album Metrics next Tuesday, September 25. We raved about the album earlier this month in our official album review, and today we’re diving even deeper into the record with a track-by-track rundown of the stories and motivation behind Metrics. You can read all about the album below, but first you may want to stop by AltPress to stream the entire record ahead of its Tuesday release!

Flux – Flux is the arrowhead of ‘Metrics’ so we really wanted to show the momentum we are setting for this album. The song stands for us reaching a goal but in all honesty we have no idea where this is going to take us. It’s about taking risks and pushing to make the best of anything even after the hardships and struggling process of being in a band. Even though ‘Metrics’ is our third CD we produced, I feel that this is our attempt to push ourselves as far as we can.

Lighthouses – This song was written by our guitarist Chad Orange when he was serving our country for the Navy. Having multiple deployments and stations this song is about his feelings and experiences during that time of his life. The lyrics carefully explain the sufferings a sailor can go through during such times of war out at sea and the emotional hardships that can mentally occur. Lighthouses tells the story of Chad while he was out at sea and how through the obligations he had through the navy, he spent the days wishing he was back home.

We Walked On Glass (For What Seemed Like Days) – I tend to write a lot of my lyrics about experiences I’ve been through and as cheesy as it sounds, this one is about trust in a relationship. Without both parties having trust in each other, the relationship will fail. What I’m trying to get at is that you can’t force someone to trust you and the person who cares less about the relationship has the power to control it all.

Horcrux – This track is my favorite from the whole album. ‘Horcrux’ is a reference from Harry Potter. In the books it is an item that the dark lord puts his soul into in order to sustain life in case his body is ever destroyed. We put our own twist on this and the ‘Horcrux’ in the analogy is the band and we have put everything we have into it. This song is a personal reminder of who we are as a band, Honour Crest. Building up from scratch Honour Crest has slowly made its way into a more recognizable band and ‘Horcrux’ shows that we will continue doing what we love no matter what people say or expect of us.

Interlude – One of the strong points of Honour Crest is Chad’s ability to create samples. The spectrum that we tried to cover electronically in this album exceeds what we originally planned and this interlude will set the trend for the rest of the album.

Search & Seizure – Search & Seizure is about the mental struggle of keeping a secret that is beyond ignoring. Now imagine that secret sin watching every move you make and deteriorating your mind to the possible point of suicide. This song is the inner works of your mind trying to get by and forget about all of the horrible things you might have done.

Crawling Through Quicksand – This song is as easily explained as read in the title, crawling through quicksand. Being in a situation is one thing but then being stuck in it is a whole different story. Even though things don’t always go the way you want them to, you have to make them accustom to your lifestyles. No matter what situations you may run into, never stop trying to achieve your ultimate goal.

Reason With Myself – Reason with myself was written about the inner struggles within ones self. It’s about picking up the pieces just to have them fall apart again and having to deal with the burden of continuously putting them back together.

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