City And Colour Opens Up About New Album

City And Colour 2012

City And Colour is preparing the follow-up to the album Little Hell and recently discussed the progress being made. Dallas Green spoke with Spinner regarding track instrumentation, emotional aspects and much more.

Read quotes from the interview by simply looking below.

“I think I’ve got 15 new songs, Nine of which are probably ready to go and the other six are sort of bits and pieces that I need to buckle down and put together. So I’m more than thinking on the new record, I’ve almost got one finished. Now I gotta go and record it.”

“Little Hell for me was a record where I said basically, if there’s gonna be a song with a full band that I write, then it’s gonna be a song with a full band,” says Green. “And if it’s just a song with me and my guitar, then I’m gonna put a song that’s just me and my guitar on it. It’s really gonna be whatever I feel fits the song best. It’s not going to be an acoustic record and it’s not gonna just be a rock record. It’s gonna be what the song sort of dictates.”

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