Matchbook Romance Return (On Twitter)


In 2003, a little album by the name of Stories & Alibis hit shelves by way of Epitaph Records. The release marked the first full length effort from then rising act Matchbook Romance, and it packed one hell of an emotional punch. As word of the album’s power began to spread, so did the popularity of Matchbook Romance, and suddenly the band found themselves on the forefront of the modern alternative-emo scene. They followed that release with 2006’s Voices, then quietly exited the scene under the umbrella of an “indefinite hiatus” a year later following their ten-year anniversary. A few more shows occurred in 2009, but the group never officially returned, and though today’s tidbit still makes nothing official, it’s safe to say SOMETHING is happening in the world of Matchbook Romance.

Recently, Matchbook Romance joined the world of Twitter, which would make absolutely zero sense unless some kind of announcement was on the horizon. The group has only tweeted once themselves, though a few retweets have also been posted, and this was the message they chose to share:

[tweet_embed id=250041106870448129]

Could this be a teaser pointing towards a ten-year anniversary tour? We’ll have to wait to find out, but I think you know how we feel about it.

Stay tuned.

James Shotwell

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