REVIEW: Set It Off – Cinematics

Set It Off

Artist: Set It Off
Album: Cinematics
Genre: Pop/Rock
Label: Equal Vision Records

I had heard of Set It Off before, but they didn’t really catch my attention until they started releasing music from their now released album, Cinematics. They have a very distinctive sound, thanks to their pop/rock sort of feel coupled with Cody Carson’s stand-out voice. Cody Carson has indicated that he, and the band, wanted to go for an “orchestral” kind of feel for this album. After listening to the whole album I can easily say that is absolutely true. Their sound is big, dramatic, and sort of feels like something that should be played in alongside a dramatic theatrical play.

Let’s get down to business.

The first song on the album, “Nightmare”, sets the tone for the entire album. It’s fast paced, lyrically driven and very catchy. The song is about Cody’s lifelong battle with his sometimes overwhelming anxiety There’s a wide variety of instruments used that we don’t always get to hear which makes this song, and the other songs, unique. Well, it makes the whole album unique.

I’ll say that “Swan Song” is my favorite. It has a very strong pop influence in the melody and the lyrics make you want to sing along. This is the case for quite a few tracks. The next track to mention would be “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead”. The track takes us more into his personal life as he talks about his insomnia. It ends feeling more like a rock song with some heavy guitar influence.

The album ends with “The Grand Finale”, and it sounds just like you would think. It starts off with slow with a violin intro, builds up into the main chorus and delivers a powerful melody. The song moves into an unexpected turn when he, or someone else in the band, screams the next verse. I don’t think they have a future in the hardcore scene, but it was pretty fun to hear.

These guys prove over and over again throughout the album that they can whip up catchy lyrics, maintain fast paced beats and produce an overall musical experience that engages the listener throughout the record. They have captured a sound that works well for them and ran with it. There are definitely some tracks that are a little bit more forgettable than others, but it’s definitely a very solid release that the band should be proud of. Can’t wait to hear what else they have in store for us.

Review written by: Kriston McConnell

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