New Saves the Day Will Be Their “Most Uplifting” Record Yet


Pop/punk powerhouse Saves the Day recently conducted an interview with fellow AbsoluteVoices website Alter the Press!. In it, guitarist Arun Bali and vocalist Chris Conley talk about the future of the band, the next album, and working with Max Bemis of Say Anything in the Two Tongues.

When asked about STD’s next record, Chris said “We’ve got ten songs, I think, for the next record already – without lyrics, but the melodies and chords and everything. It feels quite different. Each record is always a departure from the last. As Arun said, unintentionally it just sort of happens and you sit back going ‘wow, that’s different’. It’s upbeat, and it feels way happier than anything the band has done, even before. Stay What You Are. That record was feels kind of of dark to me, but it’s really poppy. Through Being Cool is the only really happy feeling album, and even the lyrics on that are all about longing. So this will probably be the most uplifting, positive Saves the Day album yet.

The band was reportedly doing pre-production before its recent tour of Europe. You can read the full interview here.

Dan Bogosian

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