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Other than the b-sides and rarities collection, Tape Club, we haven’t heard much from Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin since 2010’s Let It Sway, but as much as they may think they wanna die, the band isn’t dead; they have something in the works and we patiently wait.

Vocalist Philip Dickey recently took a brief moment to speak with UTG about their recent tour of Japan and what may be on the horizon for the band, so read through and get a little insight from the Missouri based indie pop quartet!

You guys recently wrapped up your tour of Japan. How was the response over there? Was this your first time playing there?
First time playing there and it was our best tour ever. Everyone was really nice and we got a lot of candy presents. That usually doesn’t happen.

Do you have any more upcoming tour plans?
We might be playing some Russian and European dates early next year.

Who are some currently active bands that you would love to take on tour with you?
The ACB’s from Kansas City and a band called Jappers from Japan.
So when are we going to see the next release?
Not sure yet. We’ve been writing songs for the past two years and we’re going to start recording this fall. I have a new band called Dragon Inn 3 that I started with my sister. We’re going to release a little EP really soon. 
What can fans expect with the new material that differs from your previous works?
I imagine it being darker and less predictable. I know it’s going to be the best one, but I think every band says that.
Are you guys big fans of Russia?
Art, yes. Politics, not so much.

What have been the main contributing inspirations to SSLYBY’s sound?
Music, our hometown, girls, The Beatles, and trying not to suck. 

What have you been listening to the most lately?
Older stuff. Don Henley, early Depeche Mode, early Madonna, Fleetwood Mac, and Electric Youth.
What has been the biggest obstacle for you as a band?
Buying a van that won’t break down.
What has been the biggest highlight of your career so far?
I can’t really boil it down to one thing. It would be more like a Sportscenter highlight reel and it would mostly be friends we met on the road. 
What’s the next big goal for SSLYBY?
Getting sponsored by Budget Rental Car and making a new record. 

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Written and conducted by: Brian LionFollow him on Twitter

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