BREAKING: Ronnie Radke Arrested For Injuring Fans


Ronnie Radke is making headlines again tonight with some even more sickening news.

According to a PupFresh report, Ronnie Radke of Falling in Reverse was arrested tonight (again). Instead of assaulting his girlfriend, however, this time, he injured at least one fan.

It appears that during a FestEVIL set tonight at a Six Flags in New Jersey, Radke reportedly threw several mic stands into the crowd, injuring at least one girl, allegedly splitting her head open. [VIDEO]

We’ve sent out for statements by those in attendance and the parties involved.

[UPDATE: We’ve contacted the Jackson Township Police Dept. and it looks as if Ronnie Radke was indeed arrested, they will be in touch tomorrow for further details.]

Now rockstars being rockstars is one thing. There is something to be said about Billie Joe Armstrong trashing a guitar over a cut set. While it seems trivial, that’s rock and roll. That stunt got his fans riled up and excited. That’s what being a live performer is all about. What Radke did to that crowd, however, goes against everything a performer should stand for. Causing bodily harm to your supporters is the #1 to lose respect in this industry, but what do the fans think?

Some fans are already calling out those who speak out against him saying things like…. 



While others are talking about the night in detail or disgust.


Stay tuned for more information. We’ll have more as it becomes available

Jacob Tender

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  • Truth

    He relies on his fanbitches to fight for him, rather than going to court like a man. Instead of owning up to his mistakes, he manipulates the situation where he is a “victim” and people are “being mean to him” for calling him what he is – an abusive and out of control repeat offender. Instead of rallying support with codependent teenagers on Instagram and Twitter, maybe he should be an adult and go convince the judge of his “innocence.” I want to hear that testimony. “Your honor, I have over 300,000 followers, clearly I didn’t do it!” “Your honor, I put up a picture of my neighbor’s baby and my dog instead of answering the public after my arrests, they were so cute, I must be wrongfully accused!” “Your honor, I look really fashionable in this photo, I am innocent!” “Your honor, I evaded arrest all during Warped Tour for beating my girlfriend, but I signed a bunch of autographs, I am a good person!” “Your honor, I already went to prison for ‘accidently’ battering someone before, why would I want to go back?” Well guess what, motherfucker – the jury won’t be swayed by how much bullshit you post in your shitty internet celebrity. You fucking criminal. You pose as a hero and survivor of abuse while living as a perpetrator. You lie to all of your fans, and “love” them for their “loyalty” as long as you’re taking their money. You deserve to lose everything.

  • FuckFanGirls

    The ignorance in some of these comments is beyond mind-blowing, how can anyone defend an action like this? I have seen these guys a hand-full of times live and enjoy their music a lot but Ronnie has consistently given the public reason’s to loose respect for him. I hope he receives a full punishment like any “normal” American citizen would, enough pampering to these over paid “celebrities.” I’m sure he’ll be even more washed up in 10 years anyway…….

  • I stand up for Ronnie no matter what, people make mistakes. he obviously didn’t purposely hurt her. people who say otherwise don’t know his personality, though I never met him, I know he wouldn’t intentionality hurt someone. the throwing of mic stands was out of pure excitement. We still love you Ronnie. <3

  • Bec

    Guys. He’s in a band. He made a mistake. He’s not Jesus nor is he Satan. He is a HUMAN being who made a bad decision. Also, he gives ZERO fucks what we think. So just get over it and move on to hating someone who deserves it.

  • Bec

    yeah, no. mic stands weigh up to ten pounds max. nice try, though! and way to draw attention to yourself by bringing up old, unrelated drama.

  • Bec

    they did. i was there when it happened and i actually saw the girl before the medics got to her. they responded immediately.

  • i hope he get cancer aids and ebola.

  • Unrelated? A crime dosnt just GO AWAY. It sticks as it should. Motherfucker should stay in prison, even tho i rather enjoy his music.

  • So being drunk makes it okay?

  • jay

    look at all the dumb Emosexual first the loser Ronnie kills a kid now this


    I’m still a fan of Ronnie. He makes mistakes but everyone does. He’s also more mature and loves his fans more then Craig Mabbit. When i met etf none of the band members would even look at me. But when i met fir they talked to you and gave hugs and were sweet people. Ronnie fucks up sometimes. And I’m sure he’s very sorry for what he did to that chick

  • totally agreed!

  • ohlook,immacoolkid

    Yep, still love Ronnie Radke.

  • A boom stand might weigh less than 20lbs, but a flat-base vocal mic stands usually weigh 20-30lbs. And that can do some damage. Either way, stop defending an adult having a temper tantrum that lead to innocent people being injured.

  • CJ

    Its part of the performance Quit your bitching people. Going to concert you have to expect to be injured, if not where is the fun? Also nice work finding the worst photo of him and using it on all of the articles, classy.

  • CJ

    and why should be talk to that back stabbing wannabe?

  • Madi

    Ronnie is not a horrible human being. He makes mistakes. You make mistakes as well. So who are you to fucking judge?! This band is personally one of my favorites. Ok I am done now buh-bye:)

  • Madi

    Its called “Forgive and Forget.”

  • I have met Ronnie and he is not what all you have said he is to be he is more kind I know he threw the Mic stand but still he should not go back to jail he served his time there for his past mistakes he actually huged me and he was nice about is because my ribs where broken at the time open your eyes to see what your saying about a man who is kind and does not deserve time in jail again he people might hate me but hey your fucking shit that you post here is only making me and ronnie famous :D <3

  • Moooooobitch

    I’m a fan of the music not his actions. If so would Axl Rose even have made it?

  • Ilija Necovski

    Mad respect for Enter Shikari, That’s what I’m going to see.