WATCH: Ronnie Radke Throws Mic Stands Into the Crowd


Last night we brought you the news of Falling in Reverse singer, Ronnie Radke‘s latest arrest taking place at the FestEVIL in Jackson, New Jersey.

Our inbox has seen an inpouring of emails regarding last night’s incident and the events that transpired. At about 10:20 last night, Falling In Reverse was finishing their set with a fan favorite. After the last notes rang out, the vocalist threw his microphone into the crowd (hey, those are expensive…). This was followed by the launching of 3 microphone stands (which weight roughly 7-10lbs) into the crowd.

Unless the fans went to the show expecting pieces of flying metal, their time to react was small. The result of this display of RockStarianism was the injury of at least two fans, both of which had their heads split open. They were both hospitalized. We’ve received reports from several patrons that three stands were thrown and many were hit in the head or raised arms. We now have video to confirm this.

We’ve reached out to the Jackson Township Police Dept. for a statement. All we know is that Radke was arrested. We do not know how long he was held or if any charges are being pressed. If they are, they will be added to the list, right behind the State of California which is pursing the assault crimes we have been following for the past several months.

Here is the video from last night.


Jacob Tender

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  • SEE!? it was a total accident, you guys are biased.

    Jesus christ, it’s like he was intentionally trying to hurt someone. That shit looks awful

  • Who does he think he is, Glenn Danzig? He threw his shirt into the crowd too, huh?

  • When he ran out of stands, he started throwing knives into the audience

  • Idiot..

  • He’s the douche king of asshole mountain

  • so sick of this dude’s shit

  • Ok so maybe he didnt pick it up and deliberately throw it at a specific person but anyone who has ever picked up a mic stand knows they have some weight to them. Most people who are semi coherent and sober realize “if I throw this object into the crowd its probably gonna hurt someone” so he is at fault for reckless endangerment and should be held responsible.

  • Erin

    I don’t understand why he can’t go two months without abusing someone. like, come on ronnie stahp.

  • Brenda


  • anon6

    ha maybe enter shikari can headline the tour now.

  • T

    I lost the very little respect I had for him. He needs to grow up.

  • Maddi

    Quit being an attention whore Ronnie.. God

  • shannon

    i still love this guy, i don’t care what anyone says

  • Ticktockgoestheclock

    But if you throw a solid metal object into a packed crowd, what part of you thinks nobody would end up hurt?

  • G Money

    Why did I just waste my time watching that? I almost beat him up at saints and sinners 06. He’s a tard

  • fuck off erin

    Funny thing is, that was a bogus call on his girlfriend, he didnt lay a hand on her.

  • fuck off erin

    You wont do shit, he’ll kick your ass.

  • fuck off erin

    jealous much?

  • fuck off erin

    ha, maybe you can suck my dick

  • fuck off erin


  • that girl should’ve been paying attention. he always throws mic stands in the crowd, and i don’t get why everyone’s making a big deal about it; the girls probably happy that she got hit with it

  • With a mic stand, too!

  • Recently on Instagram he’s been all about being nice to his fans and shit but when he gets that adreneline on stage he’s out of it.. Dude is nuts. He obviously has PRIORS so I wonder..

  • smfh

    Him throwing it at a specific person or not isn’t the point, he threw not one, but multiple mic stands and other things into the crowd. Would you really throw something that dangerous at a crowd of people that admire your work knowing at least 1 person would get injured? It was a poor decision, he should be ashamed.

  • How does he not realize that his fanbase consists of teenages girls as well.

  • Why did you not? Shit man. Once in a life time opportunity.

  • How does that make them jealous? Shut up.

  • I’ll pretend like this is sarcastic and funny.

  • That’s not true. If it was, it wouldn’t be going to court on November 14th.

  • We can only hope, anon.

  • Jina, Jina, Jina. It isn’t nice to say things like that. Besides, you’re a teenage girl from New Jersey. You don’t have one of those.

  • A level headed comment. I like you, four-lettered anon.

  • sjade

    Although I agree that this was a poor decision, he was also probably full of adrenaline and hyped up. I’m sure he was not looking to intentionally hurt his fans.

  • Kendra

    You guys are retards for bagging on ronnie. Yeah he fucks up every now and then but there are much worse people out there and the only reason you are making such a big deal out of this is because he’s a celebritie. If you dont like him then don’t watch stupid stuff like this. Don’t keep tabs on him then bitch about everything he does.

  • weqweq

    i hate this band but what the people who are pressing charges for this are pathetic.

  • Tatti.Sucks!(:

    He throws these stands at every concert or show he does and nothing ever happened. What would make this one any diffrent? He didn’t know someone was going to be injured. But its okay because I LOVE YOU RONNIE <3

  • Well with something like that, it’s surprising that this was the first known incident where multiple people were injured. There’s no way he could’ve predicted that someone would definitely be hurt but once again, when hurling pieces of metal into a sea of people, the chances of someone getting hit and hurt are extremely high.

  • OS

    It’s most likely the families, & I would press charges, too. Those kids were hospitalized, their heads were split open because the lead singer of some band decided it was a good idea to hurl metal stands into the crowd. He should pay for their hospital bills, at the very least.

  • Sadly your the won that has issues’s with common sense if you think his behavior is o.k. He beat’s on women, then causes neglectful harm to his own fans. He really would have been screwed if the mic stand caused a brain hemmorage in the person that got hit in the head. Moron Moron Moron.

  • Misty

    Okay…he needs to stay off of whatever drugs possessed him to throw the mic stand into the audience to start with…Just saying.

  • Misty

    Celebrity….those little red squiggly lines under the word usually means you spelled it wrong. -_-

  • Maybe he does realize it and like it?

  • Think before you speak

    you guys are fucking retarded. Have you ever gottten the rush of playing infront of thousands of people on a stage? no that’s what I thought. You have no idea how much adrenaline is going through your body. half the time you have no idea what’s going on besides your band. I don’t blame him at all. and if this was 20 years ago, this would’ve been rock n’ roll as fuck. but now it’s just a goddamn lawsuit. What happened to this generation?

  • lmfao

    she’s probably telling all her friends ” ronnie radke hit me in the face with a mic stand and i loved every second of it”

  • HAHA

    HAHAHA. Scene kid controversy, oh noooo :'( :'( !

  • anon6

    It’s sickening that this piece of shit is still revered by so many people, despite his horrible musical talent. Enter shikari deserves to headline the upcoming tour more than this stupid asshole’s band.

  • iwillalways lovehim

    I agree with you Ronnie had been through hell and if any of you so called Ronnie radke fans watch an interview he does say he is working on his anger still. This has nothing to do with his anger but with the adrenaline rush. People die getting trampled on i think that is a bigger deal. Everyone is hating him because of his past! He has changed and still is! If you don’t like him then back off

  • Radkeisgay

    holly hell that song was horrible. edit that video down to 10 seconds and save everyone from listening to that garbage.

  • Anthony

    Its not like he stood on stage and said “Fuck this crowd” and fired the mic stands directly at indivdual people. They were closing out a huge festival and he was having alittle fun and being different. Cause every band throws guitar pics and drum sticks so Ronnie wanted to show his appreciation and give away 3 mic stands. Now thats what I call giving back to the fans. Not his fault she couldn’t catch.

  • Krissy

    puttin a 150 pound person up to crowd surf is okay, but ronnie gets in trouble over a 10 pound mic stand… STUPID