Common Crooks Announce Break Up/Hiatus

Common Crooks

I’m not sure what’s going on with some of these bands as of recently (Underoath, Foo Fighters for example), but according to Common Crooks‘ official Facebook page they have also decided to go their separate ways at this time. On a happier note though, they have also indicated that they will be releasing an unknown number of previously unreleased songs they’ve been working on. You can read the band’s official statement below.

It is with great sadness for me to inform you guys that as of today Common Crooks is no longer a band. As you’ve heard from several bands who have broken up over the years “People have change of hearts, and members go seperate ways” That happens to be the case with us as well. But, there’s light at the end of the tunnel, as a thank you to the people who have supported us since In Oceans, and stuck with us through tough member changes, we have A little surprise for you. Over the next few days we will be releasing some of the stuff we’ve been working on the past few months. We’d like to thank YOU guys, the fans for making this such a fun ride for us, and you haven’t seen the last of us, we will all be involved in making music and staying behind the bands that supported us along the way. Kingdom Of Giants, Behold The Device, Merchants, OUTSIDERS, Incredible’ Me, Set To Reflect, Deities, The Seeking, Final Last Words, As Artifacts and SO many more.♥

I’m sad to hear these guys have decided to break up, but I’m excited to hear some of the songs they’re going to release so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for those songs.

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  • Bendergamer91

    This is a real shame I’ve been looking for a band with this exact style it’s so depressing these guy’s are breaking up I was hoping for a full length or even an EP. I hope a few members of the band are going to continue to make music because they all are incredibly talented people.