New Jersey Theme Park Bans Metal Shows Following Ronnie Radke Incident


Six Flags Great Adventure, the New Jersey theme park that hosted the now infamous FestEVIL set that found Ronnie Radke injuring fans with park-owned mic stands, is pretty pissed off at the world of metal. I know, pretty much nothing about Ronnie Radke is metal, but the lineup for FestEVIL did feature a number of heavier acts, and now it seems the entire genre has been given a bad mark in light of Radke’s actions.

In a statement released by the park, spokesperson Kristin Siebeneicher said:

“This was the first metal show that we’ve ever had, and will be the last. We have no plans to host another metal show. This performer was completely reckless. He had complete disregard for the safety of his fans. His actions were totally unacceptable. It’s not the type of entertainment that we want to be producing.”

At this time it is unclear whether this ban goes for all Six Flags, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the company was wary about hosting a similar event in the future.

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  • Bec

    I was at this show and Six Flags was the WORST venue in the history of metal venues. I’m glad it’s banned, because I would NEVER go back to a metal show at Six Flags after the fucking bullshit they pulled.


  • What a twat.

  • Can you give more detail? I thought about coming but I’m kinda glad I didn’t now.

  • annoymous

    Nut sack threw a mic stand into the crowd hitting a young lady in the face and breaking her wrist. No thought about it just threw the mic stand into the crowd… completely disrespectful. I’m glad there won’t be any more metal shows there…

  • LisaLisaWOOO

    awww. That’s so stupid. Gosh, I hope whoever got hit in the head feels better later. Shame on you ronnie.

  • tom

    If a person cannot handle themselves on stage tgey shouldnt be there.

  • This fruit isn’t metal or in a metal band.

  • Helena_Handbasket

    Why are they banning metal shows?
    1) This doesn’t qualify as metal.
    2) Why don’t they just ban tossing mic stands