WATCH: Lady Gaga Unveils Reworked “Cake Like Lady Gaga” Rap Track


Man’s interpretation of the Mayan calendar predicting the end of the world may have been wrong, but this is all the proof I need that someone is nailing a coffin closed on humanity. Lady Gaga, known for outrageous outfits and promoting the “Born This Way” lifestyle, has unveiled a new version of a recently leaked rap track that journalists have begun referring to as “Cake Like Lady Gaga.”

That’s right, Gaga is now moonlighting as a rapper.

“Cake Like Lady Gaga” originally hit the net thanks to DJ Whiteshadow, but now Gaga has premiered a new version at a fashion show in Paris, where she was musical director for Mulger’s show. You can stream the song, which is included in a recap video of the event, after the jump.

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