Nate Barcalow (ex-Finch), Matt Embree (ex-RX Bandits), & Vinnie Caruana (ex-The Movielife) To Do One Off Show


Nate Barcalow (ex-Finch, currently in both Earthbound Ghost and Reverend Crow), Matt Embree (formerly of the RX Bandits & Pebaluna), and Vinnie Caruana (formerly of The Movielife and now of Peace’d Out) have announced one show together, in Japan, called “Songs From Across The Sea”. The show is on December 2.

The show itself is a fairly surprising lineup for what it entails: each member is not known for their work as a solo artist, but each one will be taking the stage alone, just a man and their guitar. What’s more interesting is that Vinnie is now in Peace’d Out with Steve Choi from the RX Bandits, and that’s Matt Embree’s former band. At least we can say there’s no bad blood between them.

Hopefully more shows like this pop up. Fans on Facebook are clamoring for the lineup to appear in the US. You can view the public event here, or beg for a similar show elsewhere here. Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

Dan Bogosian

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  • Thanx for the link. Just shared this with my followers on Twitter.