REVIEW: Defiler – Nematocera


Artist: Defiler
Album: Nematocera
Genre: Deathcore
Label: Razor & Tie Records

I love metal. All forms of it. I’ll spend hours listening to every kind of metal from Mayhem to The Acacia Strain. Unfortunately, I get burnt out on it after a while. For weeks at a time the metal on my playlist gathers dust as I explore indie-rock and enjoy college rock bands from the 90’s (because I am stupid). When Defiler hit the scene, they brought me back out of my musical coma and reclaimed my ears in the name of metal. When I heard they had a new record coming out this year, I could not have been more elated; and after listening to it a few times, I am only a bit let down. 

Musically, Nematocera is much different than Defiler’s debut album, Pangaea. Defiler traded in some of the breakdowns for more melody and musicality. Do not worry, though, Nematocera still has more breakdowns than my old 1983 Ford Fairmont. Defiler managed to stay crushingly heavy while growing as a band, and incorporated more complex guitar riffs instead of just chug chug chug every song. Unfortunately, this is not enough to make the songs stand out against each other. If you are not paying close attention it becomes difficult to determine where one song ends and another begins, as a lot of the tracks sound very similar. That being said, the track “Walk In The Glow” is easily my favorite of the album and it shines through the black hole of metal that is Nematocera.

After a trip to the library (just kidding, it was Wikipedia), I discovered that nematocera is a classification of insect. This includes the mosquito, which is fitting, because lyrically this album brings to mind wanting to destroy that stupid, disease spreading, devil bug. These songs are dark. This should be expected from a band of the deathcore genre, especially one who most people know as the band that screamed, “I WANT TO SEE YOU CRY, BITCH!” One of the tracks (“Octobortion”) features Frankie Palmer of Emmure, which sums up this album nicely. If you like bands in the spirit of Emmure, you will dig this record.

Defiler’s Nematocera is not breaking any new ground. They sound a lot like their peers, but they are maturing musically. With song titles like, “Brick Killed A Guy”, it is easy to see they still have a lot of growing up to do, but they are definitely on the right track. Defiler have a great future ahead of them, let’s just hope they stay out of jail long enough to enjoy it and become the band they have the potential to be.

SCORE: 7.5/10

Written By: Justin Proper

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