SpaceGhostPurrp Quits The Rap Game, Writes Letter To Fans


In 2011, up and coming artist SpaceGhostPurrp received a gigantic bump of free publicity when he teamed with A$AP Rocky on his now legendary debut mixtape. The hype surrounding Rocky eventually became so great that those around him became contenders for mainstream attention, and slowly the name of SpaceGhostPurrp began to make its way across blogs. This was good and well until Purrp and Rocky had a falling out, which quickly dropped the amount of shits anyone had to give about the name SpaceGhostPurrp, and last night the young rapper finally had enough. Taking to Facebook, SpaceGhostPurrp announced plans to leave the rap game. You can read his letter to fans below:

Just want yall to know that threw these past 3 years from making music 4 yall i had fun mynigga .. i had a good year this year and showed niggas i can still be successful by myself since the beginning it was good to see alot of celebs be on my wave this year it was cool as fuck … but until then its all bout my raider klan fam .. i wont be doing this shit no more i learned alot about this shady ass rap game .. its like monkey see monkey do .. and im not that type of dude .. i never wanted be the perfect lyricist or best beat maker i wanted to be me and ima still be me .. just not in the shady ass rap shit … im to real for it and when i say real im to ME … not nobody else done…GET READY FOR MY KLAN TO TAKE OVER.

Blogs and gossip monsters will be kicking around explanations as to why this came about, but we at UTG are leaving it alone. Thanks for the memories, SpaceGhostPurrp.

James Shotwell

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  • good example of someone who wasnt passionate about the game to begin with….sound like he was chasing fame and cash…c’est la vie