STREAM: Kelly Clarkson – “Catch My Breath”


I don’t know if she made a deal with the devil or is simply amongst the luckiest people on the planet, but Kelly Clarkson is still going strong a decade after coming into our lives through reality television. Think about that for a second. Of all the quasi-stars created on reality TV in the last decade, especially considering the rise of music-related programming, Clarkson is still standing. If you cannot appreciate that, you need to check yourself.

Anyways, Clarkson is celebrating her reign on the pop charts this Fall with the release of her first Greatest Hits album. To sweeten the appeal of such a release for longtime supporters, Clarkson is adding a few new tracks, including the song you’re about to hear.

“Catch My Breath” hits radio and digital retailers on October 16, and Ryan Seacrest fittingly got the first play of the song, written by Clarkson herself with Jason Halbert and Eric Olson, earlier today. This single is classic Clarkson, complete with lines about heartbreak and a hook you cannot refuse, and you can stream it for yourself after the jump.

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