The Guru Announce Album Release Date, Help Fan Propose


Connecticut indie rockers The Guru have announced their upcoming album’s full details. The sophomore effort, titled Go Easy, will be released on their own Seagreen Records. The band announced the details through a large, heartfelt message on Facebook.

This information comes fresh after Sunday where at a show at the Space in Hamden, Connecticut, the band helped a long time fan propose to his girlfriend. Read the band’s statement on the album, watch the video of the proposal and let us know your thoughts in the comments by clicking “Read more.”


We want to let everyone know that the official release date for Go Easy is going to be November 21st.

This album is a collection of songs that we’ve written in the past year and some from a long time ago that we never thought would never be released on an actual studio album. This past year has been a pretty crazy one for us. We left off at the end of summer with the most memorable show we’ve ever played at the Old Town Hall in Woodbury surrounded by all of our closest friends and family, not sure how many guru shows were actually left.

These are songs that came to us in waves – songs that were made when the boys came home on weekends to play shows, randomly throughout this last year that we recorded quick demos of. This has been the busiest time in our lives, in February we started Seagreen Records to be able to release all of our own music without worrying about time constraints, material and overall how we wanted our music to be received, from us straight to you guys. To make everything clear, this year has been truly the best year we could have ever hoped for. We were blessed to be able to find a way to continue to make The Guru work, played countless amazing shows and had the chance to meet tons of amazing new bands and friends. We’ve been so anxious to get this album out and be able to share the new songs with everyone. It’s not easy to be able to balance full time jobs, girlfriends, graduations, vacations and, on top of it, still try to find time just to relax, which is where we get the title “Go Easy.” As stressful as making an album could be, we tried our hardest to just focus on the simple things, showing up to shows and being able to play our music for kids all over New England, seeing parts of the country that we never would’ve gotten to see if it hadn’t been for this band.

When this is all over and The Guru is no longer active this is the type of album we’d like to look back at and feel proud of what we’ve done. We will be able to remember going to the natural, comfortable cottage that we tracked and mixed all of these songs in, we will think of all the days and nights we spent writing these songs in and, most importantly, we will remember how privileged we were just to be able to spend all of our teenage years simply playing music with our best friends, constantly creating art and, on top of it all, just having the best times we could. We hope you will enjoy “Go Easy” as much as we do and share it with the people who you love most. Thank you guys for everything.

– The Guru

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