REVIEW: Texas In July – Self-Titled


Artist: Texas In July
Album: Texas In July
Genre: Metalcore
Label: Equal Vision

As the metalcore scene has continued to grow to overwhelming popularity, an alarming number of bands have jumped on the band wagon, guitar-chugging their way to mild success. The scene has become cluttered and over crowded with dudes in tight pants playing breakdowns with their tongues out. However, perhaps the biggest problem with today’s metal scene is that many band’s seem to be making music they think fans want to hear, slapping together songs filled with misplaced breakdowns and untimely guitar solos. The results? Generic bands performing recycled riffs running rampant, tarnishing a once great genre of music.

Luckily though, there are still a few diamonds in the rough. Hailing from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Texas In July have created a true gem with their latest effort, the group’s second LP released through Equal Vision Records. The band’s self-titled album bridges the gap between being a young, up and coming band to becoming a full blown metal powerhouse.

A major strong point of this record is how cohesive the album is, effortlessly flowing through all eleven tracks. Rather than being a group of good songs, this record is masterfully constructed as a whole, with no filler-tracks to stretch out the album’s length and more importantly, waste listeners time. Instead the band have released a 30-minute barrage of metal insanity from front to back, promising to have head bangers everywhere needing a break after their first listen.

One of my favorite things about this record is the impressive performance from singer Alex Good. Powerful, aggressive, and surprisingly understandable, the vocals shine on each and every track on this record. In fact, at times the vocals seem to be in complete control of songs, with Good never allowing himself to be drown out in the sea of chaos that is the album’s unbelievable instrumentals.

The guitar work on this record is absolutely stunning. The riffs are fast and relentless, never letting listeners catch a breath, as the band rips throughout the entire record. Each song displays some of the most impressive guitar licks in metal today, as the band doesn’t overload on your typical solos but still blows you away riff after riff, note after note. Aside from the album’s guitar playing, something should also be said for the outstanding drumming on this record. Adam Gray is simply perfect, anchoring down the record with hard pounding, aggressive drum beats one can’t help but move to.

Texas In July’s self-titled release also does a very good job of slowing down in a few spots on the record, showing a softer side, yet at the same time never failing to keep you interested. The record’s instrumental track “Repressed Memories” is the perfect break in the record, while still showcasing the excellent musical talents of the band.

With  an arsenal of unbelievable guitar riffs, thundering drums, and undeniably great vocals, Texas In July have released one of the best metal albums of the year.

Score: 9/10

Written by: Matthew Dondiego

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