UTG PHOTOS: Tell All Your Friends 10th Anniversary Tour (10/4/12)


After going on a mini-summer hiatus following Vans Warped Tour, Under The Gun’s Head of Photography, Kellie Gannon, is back with brand new photos from the Taking Back Sunday “Tell All Your Friends” 10th Anniversary Tour in Cleveland!

As my first show back with Under The Gun since July’s Warped Tour in Cleveland, it seemed only appropriate that I should shoot a very special show.  Taking Back Sunday’s “Tell All Your Friends” 10th Anniversary Tour with Bayside was an absolutely perfect start to the fall roster of shows to come through town.  Not only did this tour kick off here in Cleveland on Thursday, October 4th at the House of Blues, but it was also completely sold out.  The Tell All Your Friends album played a vital role in music ten years ago and for all in attendance held a very special place in our hearts. 

Bayside is a band that has always had a certain amount of nostalgia attached to their music as well.  After having the opportunity to shoot them many times prior, I know seeing Bayside live is an experience that must not be missed.  They take the stage with the wisdom and confidence to continue to deliver their music to both old and new fans alike and do so straight from the heart.  Bayside has consistently stuck to their guns and maintained their unique sound throughout the years.  Whether they headline their own tour, or support for their fellow musicians and friends, they play to the fullest and exhibit their own personalized, distinctive energy throughout the entirety of the set.  This Thursday night was no different.  As it was the first night for this tour, they kicked it off with high energy and fan favorites such as “Devotion and Desire” and “Montauk.” They had fans crowd surfing, moving, and rocking out with each and every note.

Taking Back Sunday mirrored the intensity of Bayside, and took the stage to dim spotlights that soon gave way to intense neon lighting.   With opening songs including “What’s It Feel Like To Be A Ghost,” “Liar,” “One-Eighty By Summer,” and “MakeDamnSure,” the crowd was thoroughly hyped up.  Crowd surfing was in abundance, and lead vocalist Adam Lazzara maintained his usual dramatic obscurity with hair shrouding his face as he belted out the deepest notes and lyrics spanning over a decade of TBS’ discography.  Throughout the first part of the set, crowd anticipation built for the real reason we were all there – to hear the Tell All Your Friends album in its entirety.   After a swift two minute break, TBS shifted into part two of their lengthy twenty-song total set.  Opening the second half with “You Know How I Do,” “Bike Scene,” and “Cute Without The E,” the crowd went insane.  Every mouth in the house was belting out lyric after lyric right along with the band.   I will be the first to admit that when I was about fifteen, friends and I would drive around with nothing to do and nowhere to go, and this was always the album of choice to blast.  So many memories include these songs and it felt incredible to still have a connection to this band and album so many years later.  At one point towards the end of the second set, Lazzara hopped offstage to sing at the back of the venue amongst the fans.  Upon returning to the stage, he brought with him a kid he claimed had “the best moustache of all time.”  Moments like that added to the liveliness and overall feeling of connectedness within the venue and is something I’ve experienced very rarely at shows with newer bands.  Taking Back Sunday is a timeless band that continues to deliver incredible, heartfelt, intense, and enduring music and this tour was without a doubt amazing to experience firsthand.  Scroll down to see the remaining photos from both Bayside and Taking Back Sunday!!  Enjoy!



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