Trent Reznor Reveals Partnership With Beats By Dr.Dre


Trent Reznor, known best as the vocalist of Nine Inch Nails, has revealed an upcoming project working with Beats by Dr. Dre. While specific details are minimal, it appears that Reznor will be teaming up with Dr.Dre and Jimmy Iovine, head of Interscope Records which is affiliated with the company Beats.

Although details are still scarce, UTG will be sure to keep fans posted on any developments from this story. Head through the jump to check out the entire statement from Reznor. I know I’m interested, are you?


I have indeed been involved with Dre, Jimmy Iovine, Luke Wood, and the rest of the team on a number of very interesting projects that will start to emerge next year. I have been wanting to experiment and focus my energy and creativity in some different directions, and Beats has afforded me that very opportunity. As much as I’d like to tell you about the things we’ve dreamed up… I just can’t. I can tell you it’s probably not what you’re expecting!

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