HERE COME THE TEARS: Katy Perry Sings “Firework” with Autistic Child


Before you come running with pitchforks, give this post a chance. We talk a lot of smack about Katy Perry’s marketing decisions (which admittedly is only partially her fault), but this story is simply too moving to pass up.

Recently, Katy Perry took the stage for Comedy Central’s autism benefit Night of Too Many Stars to perform her hit single, “Firework.” Before her performance, benefit host John Stewart introduced the crowd to a brave young girl named Jodi DiPiazza who was diagnosed with autism when she was two-years-old. This intro was then followed by a video clip about Jodi’s journey, narrated by her parents, which showed how Jodi had worked hard to develop the ability to not only speak and interact with people, but also that she possessed a passion for playing piano and singing. As if that isn’t enough to get your tear ducts brimming, Jodi then performed “Firework” on stage with Perry. You can view the entire performance, including Stewart’s introduction, after the jump.

Night Of Too Many Stars airs this Sunday, October 21.

James Shotwell

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