Paranormal Activity 4 scares up the most money for the weekend, despite low overall theater attendance. The fourth movie in the “there’s a ghost in this house let’s set up cameras and see what it is up to” franchise may not have made as much as its predecessors, but with a five million dollar budget it has definitely made a lot of profit. The other new release Tyler Perry’s Madea Hunts A Murderer (just kidding, it is called Alex Cross) barely hung on to the number five spot on the weekend top ten list. You can see that full list and how much the movies made after the jump. 

  1. Paranormal Activity ($30,200,000) 
  2. Argo ($16,600,000)
  3. Hotel Transylvania ($13,500,000)
  4. Taken 2 ($13,400,000)
  5. Alex Cross ($11,700,000)
  6. Sinister ($9,000,000)
  7. Here Comes The Boom ($8,500,000)
  8. Pitch Perfect ($7,000,000)
  9. Frankenweenie ($4,400,000)
  10. Looper ($4,200,000)
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