The Venetia Fair Announce Kickstarter Campaign For New Album

The Venetia Fair 2012

Boston rock outfit The Venetia Fair have opened up their own Kickstarter campaign today to help fund the group’s sophomore full-length record. The goal is to raise $8,000 in 30 days so they can put out this album by March 1 of 2013.

The Venetia Fair have already begun tracking the album at Mike’s Switchbitch Studios and are looking to record with Steve Sopchak at Square Studios in Syracuse, NY during late November and December. Included as prizes for helping TVF reach their ultimate goal of $8,000 will be screen printed posters, t-shirts, stickers, artifacts from the creation of the album, recording time in the studio with the whole band, a secret treasure map and an assortment of other creepy things.

Read an official statement from the band and watch their Kickstarter video after the jump.

“Kickstarter is brilliant. It’s one of those things that makes so much sense that it seems ridiculous it only recently caught in a significant way. It’s such a simple concept: If you like a band or artist and have faith that they’re going to make an album you like, just let them know by buying it now (plus whatever extra stuff they might be offering at the time) and help make sure it gets made. People think of it as donation based, and that’s true of some projects but we’ve been treating it as a sort of preorder/crazy online sale. We plan to keep everyone in the loop throughout this process, especially our backers. We’re working out the best ways to stay in as constant contact with everyone as possible not only while we’re in the studio but also while we work on ideas for the artwork and packaging, work on the cover songs, and mail out all the insane rewards to backers. We’ve got a lot of work to do and we plan on proving to everyone who helped us out that we’re working hard enough to deserve their donations!”

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