Basement 2012

On August 9, the UK punk act Basement played the last show of their last ever US tour. It was sort of a bizarre show. On one hand I was thrilled to be seeing one of my favorite bands for only the third time ever. However on the other hand, with the end of each song I knew it grew closer to the end of the last set I would ever watch the band perform.

This past summer, as thousand’s of fans anticipated the follow-up to the band’s debut full length I Wish I Could Stay Here, Basement announced they would be going on indefinite hiatus following the release of their new album colourmeinkindness. What? Why? Fans were stunned by the news but still had the upcoming album to look forward to, helping to lessen the blow.

That was nearly three months ago. There is no more waiting to hear new music from the band. There is no more excitement as the band releases a new song from their upcoming record. Colourmeinkindness is here; and so is the end of the band. Following their two final UK performances, Basement will enter into their indefinite hiatus and put to rest one of the best melodic punk bands in recent years. Listening to the new record, I can’t help but question the band’s decision. This album is flawless and is not only my favorite record of the year but one of my tops all time. It’s hard to take in such an amazing album while knowing that I will never get to see these songs performed live.

While I have been complaining about the band’s decision to enter “musical limbo”, I was actually lucky enough to have the opportunity to interview guitarist Alex Henery before the band’s last US show for the foreseeable future. Henery was kind enough to take time out to speak with me about a number of things including recording with Sam Pura at The Panda Studios, the band’s time in America, and of course, their decision to call it a day.

Basement’s colourmeinkindness is an amazing adaptation of 90’s emo and is a grunge-filled masterpiece that, while it may serve as the end of the band, is certainly the perfect way to say goodbye. Fans can give the interview a listen below and be sure to pick up your copy of colourmeinkindness, out today on Run For Cover Records.

Written by Matthew Dondiego

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