Frank Ocean Is Quitting Something.

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean has had a pretty good year so far: appearing on Saturday Night Live with John Mayer, coming out with his love for a man, and getting rave reviews on his album Channel Orange. In a strange move that only Frank and those close to him could explain, Frank is quitting. What is he quitting? He didn’t say.

On his Tumblr, Frank posted “yea, I quit.” Ominous? Sure. Foreboding? Definitely. Specific? Absolutely not. I’m sure everyone wants to speculate that it’s about music, but you would think there would be a flurry of tweets or a press release on it rather than a three word casual message. Maybe he is quitting music.

You can see his original post in its simplicity here. Come speculate with us in the comments – I have a theory that he’s quitting meat and going vegetarian.

Dan Bogosian

I finished school with a music theory degree. Before I finished school, I was a janitor. You really should apologize to all the janitors you've ever had. You hurt them. Seriously. You did.

But, now that we've cleared that up and you called your high school janitor, know that I quit being a janitor to pursue writing about music. So here I am, and here you are, and hey how are you?
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  • Or maybe he’s quitting meat and goin’ VAGetarian. BOOM.