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Friday the 13th has been synonymous with bad luck for a long time. Everyone always finds themselves on edge when it happens to be Friday when the 13th day of the month rolls around. In 1980 the Friday The 13th film came out, and ever since that date has been associated with killer of teens, Jason Voorhees (except for the first movie, because Jason did not kill shit in that one). Skip ahead 22 years and 9 sequels and the story of slashing up teens at a camp gets kind of stale. And on the 10th film god said to the world “Jason shall rise again…in space” and it was good. Well, not good, but it was Jason X.

Chill out, it’s just Jason.

Set in the year 2455, Jason X has Jason Voorhees cryogenically frozen after being taken in by police in 2008. He is discovered by a group of teens/scientists (and a robot) who are on a field trip to Earth (because we all live on Earth 2 in the future). The group decides to bring the frozen Jason on to their ship (I guess they did not see the first 9 movies) and Jason comes back to life because of course he does and starts to go on an all new murder rampage…in space! The robot almost defeats Jason, but he is brought back to life by nanobots which make him even more strong and probably even more bloodthirsty. Eventually there is an explosion and Jason is last seen not burning up for good in Earth 2.

KNIFE to meet you!

Arguably, the Friday The 13th series has progressively gone downhill since the first movie. This makes Jason X one of the worst horror movies ever made. Some critics would completely agree with that statement, too. Actually, most critics. Jason X has been called everything from terrible and low rent to eye cancer in movie form. Most complaints involve the film not breaking any new ground and being gimmicky, but how pissed would those critics have been if Jason X was about Voorhees playing basketball?

Stranger things have happened.

OF COURSE Jason X has Jason killing people for an hour and a half. That is what people want to see. This time around, though, it’s not even just people. He kills an android too. Also, these death scenes are nothing like the previous films. I cannot recall any of the other Friday The 13th movies having someone frozen in liquid nitrogen or being impaled on a giant screw. Plus, Jason is in space!

Seriously, just look at all that space he’s in!

Sick of seeing the same old Jason killing teens with his now cliche hockey mask? This movie has your back. Halfway through Jason gets an upgrade to become Uber Jason (that is honestly what he is called) and looks completely (ok, slightly) different. Now he is all sleek and futuristic, complete with metal parts and a new mask.

The future is also filled with sparks for some reason.

There is one scene in Jason X that makes the entire movie worth seeing. Without giving it away it involves the killer beating two girls to death by putting them in a sleeping bag and hitting them against things. Actually, that gave it away completely, but there is no need to hint at this. If you have seen the movie you knew what I was about to say and if you have not seen it I probably just convinced you it is worth your time. It really cannot be mentioned enough, but this movie also has Jason Voorhees in space. Not on Earth, not in hell, in space.

Not even Master Chief can defeat this guy.

I am not alone in thinking this movie rules. I asked around and pretty much everyone I talked to said this is one of the most fun horror films they have ever seen. UTG writer and hater of all things I love, Tyler Osborne, even dug it. When I asked him if he liked Jason X he sent me this picture.

That X doesn’t mean he is straight edge, it is for his favorite Friday The 13th movie.

That concludes For The Love Of Film for this week, tune in next week for the start of the greatest month ever: Nic Cage November.

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