Join Absolutepunk In Celebrating ‘The Shape of Punk to Come’

Refused 2012

Our brothers and sisters at Absolutepunk have put together on hell of a celebratory feature around Refused’s insanely influential album, The Shape of Punk to Come. This goes beyond a simple blog or video, though their feature does include both, and even highlights segments from an upcoming book on the band. You can read a full description of the feature below:

2012 is coming to a close, and I never thought I would see At the Drive-In’s first reunion in over a decade. This weekend I will be seeing Refused’s second to last U.S. show at the seventh annual Fun Fun Fun Fest. With the demise of three of my favorite bands this past year (Thursday, Thrice, RX Bandits), it seems ten years later I’m closing an important volume of understanding what punk rock really is. In honor of all of this, I’ve put together a special feature on the band’s seminal record, The Shape of Punk to Come.

Four years ago I started working on a book which chronicles the “post-hardcore” scene from The Shape of Punk to Come to We Are the Romans to Worship and Tribute to Document #8 and more. Four years ago one of the first interviews I conducted was with drummer David Sandström. For almost an hour we discussed a bit of the background and creation of the band’s third and final full-length. Today you will be able to read and download that chapter here. I’ve also written an accompanied ‘Consequential Apathy’ piece to go along with it here. I suggest reading it before delving into the chapter.

Two things should be noted here. One, since Sandström was the only member which didn’t decline an interview, the chapter is cut into two parts. The fist half discusses the creation of The Shape of Punk to Come, and the second half is made up of my thoughts on where the album stands in the history books of punk and hardcore. Two, the quotes have been checked by Sandström three years ago, and given his band’s current reunion and the fact that they’ve buried their ill feelings of 1998, some of Sandström’s feelings could be different now.

To go along with all of this, in case you missed the band’s reunion or will not be catching the last two U.S. shows, you can head to the replies to watch the band perform “Worms of the Senses/Faculties of the Skull,” “The Refused Party Program” and “Liberation Frequency” at this year’s FYF Fest presented by our friends at Light and Noise TV.

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Click here to view the footage.

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