Dave Elkins (Mae) Opens Up Shop On New Project; Seeks Support

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Last year, Mae called it a day. This year, Dave Elkins, the band’s frontman, returns with an exciting new project bent on changing the game up a bit.

The project is called Schematic and it’s more a community than a project. Schematic is a business built on 4 pillars. They are Schematic Records, Schematic Studios, Schematic Management, and Schematic Community. All of these pillars support an idea that intends to provide opportunity, growth, and reward.

“With crowdfunding, social networking, and other tools, many emerging artists don’t actually need a loan. They just need a community to connect with, a long term business plan, and increased opportunities to succeed. This is what Schematic will become.” – Dave Elkins

If you are an artist, a musician, a graphic designer, a photographer, a painter, a filmmaker, if your passion is listening to music, finding new bands, putting on shows, spreading the word about new music, connecting people, helping others in need, serving your community, then Schematic needs you because Schematic is you.

This is an exciting idea. A community of professional individuals, and fans alike, dedicated to common goals are sure to achieve great results. Schematic could be just what the industry needs.

The project has already begun. Several artists have already begun working with Elkins to achieve their goals through the Schematic system. They are, however, looking to early adopters for additional support to help lift those 4 pillars into place and help officially start the engines of this new creative machine.

To help Schematic get off of the ground, those looking to assist can visit the indiegogo page where donations will be accepted and incentives can be purchased. Those include, but are not limited to:

  • 1 Year Schematic Community Subscription, Fluorescent EP (Vinyl and hand-numbered Option), Color (n.) Inside The Lines LP (Vinyl and hand-numbered Option), IAMSCHEMATIC tee, (2) tickets to Schematic Spring Tour, demo recording of both EP/LP, and Limited Edition Artwork/poster by Dave.
  • Record with Dave! He will record, produce, mix and master at Schematic Studios. One artist Dave records will have the chance to record a FREE full length album with the opportunity to release on Schematic Records. Have Dave play an acoustic house show performing Schematic and MAE songs. Schematic lifetime member including Executive Producer credit for Color (n.) Inside The Lines, Dave’s Takemine acoustic guitar, and receive new music by Dave before anyone else.

More can be found on the campaign’s webpage. Additional information about the community can be found in this video.


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