REST IN PEACE: Suicide Silence Vocalist Mitch Lucker

Suicide SIlence

The Press Enterprise is reporting that Suicide Silence vocalist Mitch Lucker was killed following injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident late last night in Orange County, California. According to the report, which you can read here, Lucker was pronounced dead at 6:17 a.m. this morning at UCI Medical Center in Orange County.

Coroner’s officials said Lucker was hospitalized after a motorcycle accident shortly before 9 p.m. Wednesday. Huntington Beach police were investigating the crash and expected to release details Thursday morning.

Lucker was twenty-eight at the time of his death. So far, no one representing Suicide Silence has issued any statements, but we will update you as those begin to surface. Our thoughts and prayer go out to his family.

Update: Suicide Silence have commented on Lucker’s death. Click here to read their message to fans.

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  • ChaseDixon

    Christian, athiest, agnostic, whatever. Mitch was a father a good person (as ive heard) instead of arguing and causing fights on this site. Remember him and he’s done. He was a great vocalist and a good father and husband. He died don’t push his name farther into the ground than he already is. Please stop the conflicts and respect the deceased, and im Christian and i loved his music even with the questionable lyrics.
    RIP Mitch Lucker<3

  • SexyBitchLexi

    Everyone just shut the fuck up about your religious beliefs!!! I don’t give a damn about which god you may or may not pray to, let’s all agree that Mitch was a hell of a vocalist and he will be greatly missed.

  • DarkShikari

    To all you messed up kids on here bashing Mitch and calling him and everyone in the band satanists : Stop talking shit about Mitch he deserves to rest in peace without assholes coming on here and judging him. Oh and to the religious assholes who won’t watch the video due to some stupid ass reason it shows the band ( Mitch) selling personal property in order to get money to buy CHRISTmas presents for underprivileged kids. Man those “Satanists” are so evil and hateful….

  • Brvendicci

    You only die once! Make it count!

  • Bubblegum 4life

    “suicide silence” it’s ironic that he didn’t die from suicide.

  • Really sad, it is true, he did bash God and stuff in his lyrics, perhaps God will give second chances, everyone deserves a second chance at life, well okay maybe not EVERYONE.