In Fear And Faith Attacked In Texas; Guitarist Ramin Niroomand Suffers Broken Nose

In Fear And Faith

Rough way to start the day, but the UTG crew woke up to news that some of our best friends in music were attacked yesterday and rushed to share the information with you.

While traveling through Texas yesterday, Rise Records’ In Fear And Faith ran out of gas somewhere alone one of the Lone Star state’s numerous freeways. Guitarist Ramin Niroomand and other members joined together to hike down the side of the road to the nearest fueling station, but on their way back the encountered a dangerous driver who, according to the band, tried to run them down with his vehicle. You can read an eye witness account taken from Ramin’s Facebook below:

So today was fucked up…ran out of gas so a couple of us walked to go get gas, and on our way back on the freeway some asshole decided to get in the emergency lane and try and hit us for no reason. After flipping him off and yelling like any sensible person would do after something that absurd, he slammed on the brakes and reversed up to us trying to hit us again. As we walked away, he got out and sucker punched me breaking my nose and a dangerous fight for no reason broke out on the freeway. We got him good, but WHY??? Still trying to make sense of this while I wait in the ER :/

UTG is reaching out to the band’s management for an update and will bring you more updates as they surface.

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  • Hopefully someone was smart enough to get his license plate number…