EXCLUSIVE: Details on Before Their Eyes’ Last Act; The Finale

Before Their Eyes, The Finale

Just a few hours ago, Before Their Eyes made an announcement that they would be laying the band to rest in 2013.

UTG staffer Ben reached out to Before Their Eyes vocalist and InVogue Records owner Nicholas Moore to get more information. Nick was kind enough to offer UTG with the inside scoop on what is yet to come before the band closes the curtain.

Get the scoop on the band’s last act below.

It was just an hour or two ago, that the BTE Facebook was updated with a status stating, “The Finale. Coming soon. We love you all. 2006-2013, the best years of our lives. THANK YOU.”  Could you clarify, is The Finale going to be a new/final album from BTE or is it going to be a Farewell tour?  Or possibly a combination of both?
“The finale” is going to be our final official album to the world. It will be a 2 EP project (tentative plan). A heavier EP and more of our pop stuff EP – the heavy one is pretty much completed and demoed out. Honestly not sure if we’re playing anymore shows, if there is a great opportunity that will work, otherwise I left it all on the stage back in Boston on the Chiodos dates and have no regrets!

The post did indicated that the band’s lifetime was 2006-2013. It is still 2012, so what does BTE have planned for the rest of 2012 and into 2013?
Pretty much release these new songs for all of our longtime & new fans. One more thing for them to enjoy. The final/closing chapter I would say.

It seems more and more common that a lot of bands are breaking up this year. What, may I ask what lead to the decision to end BTE?
We’ve been around for awhile and I think we’ve all just kind of grown out of BTE. Lots of member changes and the normal band problems lead up to it. Our hearts are in different places at this point. I love BTE and all of our fans, best times of my life! I think a lot of bands are breaking up for kind of the same reasons, just growing up. It’s tough to be in a band nowadays – I have a family at home that I don’t want to leave anymore & I run my label. Ill never forget a single show or memory I’ve made in this band. We’ll be releasing an official statement in more detail once we sort it out but this is the inside scoop!

Since you own InVogue Records, can you tell readers what you do if anything different than other labels to ensure the success of your artists?
I think we are different because we are a very personal with our bands and genres don’t restrict what I release. I mean I’ve released City Lights , Belle Histoire, Being as an Ocean, and That’s Outrageous! – all very different and amazing. My whole roster is incredible and I’m fans of them all.

What plans for 2012-2013 do you have for yourself as well as the label if you don’t mind us asking? Any new signing coming along, maybe one you’d like to announce here first on Under The Gun?
I’m just going to be working on the label and a new musical project of my own. No new signings I can mention yet but I have a few bands I have my eyes on.

UTG would like to thank Nick for taking the time to answer these questions regarding the end of Before Their Eyes.  Be on the lookout for news when the band releases their official statement, as well as updates on The Finale and any final tour dates the band might embark on. We wish they would.

We also wish that all of Before Their Eyes nothing but the best in their future endeavors. Stay tuned to UTG as we will announce any new projects that emerge from the ashes of BTE, but until then we anxiously await “The Finale.”

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    Hopefully he’s “eyeing” Through Arteries (again), they’re really getting thier stuff together.