Ronnie Radke Responds to I See Stars-Sumerian Statements; UTG Sighs


Reporting news can be both exhilarating and exhausting. Defining news is… subjective. One thing is for sure. Once we start a story, we follow through. Let’s take it from the top.

First, Ronnie Radke of Falling In Reverse kicked I See Stars off of the Thug In Me Is You Tour. Then a fight broke out. Then I See Stars and their label, Sumerian Records released this joint statement. Now Radke is taking to social media to continue stirring the already churning pot.

On an Instagram post, Radke had the following to say:

Ladies and gentlemen, lend me your ears, why do we immediately assume that what we read on the Internet Is the whole truth? does it not make us guilty in ourselves to assume and accuse another for what you read? did it ever occur to anyone that maybe some people make things up to get attention drawn to them for a moment of spotlight or fame? maybe the person you are accusing and bashing hateful things towards and putting so much time and effort into something that you have no idea about much less should even care about is false? would it be wrong of you to tell that person how terrible they are? For what? A moment of recognition by the one you “hate” so much? before I ever assume something about someone I make sure I meet that person before I hate them. we all should be ashamed of ourselves. we are filthy creatures.

I think it might be too obvious to point out that Radke’s original statement was posted on the Internet. Regardless, that’s that. Take it as you will. It’s not the first time Radke has said something cryptic and intentionally inspiring to dissipate a situation and we guess it won’t be the last. We just hope I See Stars stays off of Tumblr tonight and that fans remember that music is the important thing here. Not band beef.

[The proof is in the Pup.]

Jacob Tender

Jacob is a freelance writer who calls home. He is also the co-host of the Bantha Fodder podcast and helps UTG with technical and financial nonsense.
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  • zakkforchilli

    He’s in the ‘right’ sometimes, but he doesn’t quite deserve this extra bit of fame he has.. Some just abuse it. I can imagine how the actual Metal community looks at em. A fucking child sucking his thumb. These days, it’s a childish Genre they’re in.. And they keep it fresh by acting like children, too. Haha. Unreal. No wonder why it’s a 13 yr old’s party playlist.

  • This. This pretty much sums it up.

  • SexyBitchLexi

    I’m waiting for Sumerian to release the full statement before I make up my mind about who’s in the wrong. Both sides are giving convincing stories, and I love and adore both bands. But with Ronnie’s bad temper and history of legal issues, I’m more likely to side with ISS. This whole situation is really disappointing, and I hope they squash this beef immediately.

  • Fantastic the fabulous

    Ronnie Radke is 2012’s Jonny Craig. Can we just move along and start looking for next year’s meltdown already?

  • Anonymous

    To anyone defending Ronnie:
    People are hating on him because of these justifiable reasons:

    1. He kicked a band off of tour because they had weed in their bus and
    because people were chanting their name at their show. He claims to be
    “clean” but there is no way in hell that he is. So, he is a hypocrite.

    2. In the past, he has been charged with many things. He has charges on
    his record of domestic abuse (he abused his girlfriend), drug
    possession, battery, assault, rape, and ma
    ny other things.

    3. He kicked ticket paying fans out of their show for wearing I See
    Stars shirts (even when they weren’t chanting their name). He kicked a
    kid with an Enter Shikari shirt and a kid with a Chelsea Grin shirt out
    for literally no reason. He also kicked the kids out who were chanting I
    See Stars.
    4. He has always been a dick to the fans at their shows. (Throwing mic stands at people, taunting people, etc.)

    5. He lied on the Falling in Reverse facebook page about the entire
    incident that happened. But the I See Stars FB page brought up the
    incident in question and proved it. After Ronnie saw the post, he had no
    reply to it. He knows the he lied that he had no right to do anything
    that he did.
    6. Plus, he isn’t a good frontman. Sorry to break it to you.

    He isn’t “rocknroll”. All Ronnie can be called is a douche no more respect.

  • justlistening

    He pulled the fox news defense. Instead of actually stating anything based on facts, he asked a series of questions, which all likely can be answered with the word “no”. Sumerian records came out and backed their band. Epitaph hasn’t, but maybe they plan to. I will always support ISS, and I have never or will support Radke, for obvious reasons.

  • If history repeats, Epitaph won’t say a word.

  • Azure13

    Ahh fuck all of you! So he’s had a bad past. We all have skeletons in our closet. And who the fuck are you saying shit like that! Assuming you know what happend. You know what FUCK YOU!

  • Azure13

    Fuck you that post up there by Azure13 is me btw read it

  • zakkforchilli

    Too bad everyone on earth who watches / receives ANY news in ANY way is actually ‘assuming’ they know what happened / is happening. ;)

  • MEHi

    I”m a big fan of Ronnie Radke,(Looks and music) but i totally belive i see stars story about what happend. cause i’m willing to admit ronnie is a super shady person

  • Lolronnie

    You should probably stop now. There’s countless videos of the guy abusing fans, spitting on them, throwing mic stands at them, tanting them and kicking them out of shows. He’s a wannabe diva and doesn’t have the talent to back it up. He’s a mediocure singer in a mediocure band who’s best work is behind him and only stays relevent by causing a scene.

  • HowlJenkins

    “there is no way in hell that he is [clean]”. I would love to hear what proof you have of this, if any. Or are you just under the impression that drugs just come with the job of being a rock musician?

  • Whitney

    He says this, but he himself is making allegations of others. So ronnie, I don’t know you, don’t want to, but I won’t believe all the “shit you’ve been spreading” about ISS and others, because this IS the Internet. And like you said, you and many others post stuff for “attention”. I find your statement highly ironice and hypocritical. I won’t judge you for things I don’t have proof of, like the assault and you part in the murder. But I WILL judge you on what my friends have witnessed and recorded, and the video evidence of you violent temper and inflated ego.

  • disqus_pZEKIQEPt7

    Jonny didn’t physically hurt anyone though. He’s the worse version of Jonny Craig. A million times worse.

  • anonymous

    i know Mr.Ronnie Radke has done some bad things in the past but he went
    to jail and he is clean now he dose not smoke do drugs and etc
    anymore.He has had some bad records but you should know that i see stars
    was doing drugs(weed) and probably knowing he is clean and that can
    give him temptations, even if they didn’t offer him it is like putting
    bacon in front of a dog and telling him no you cannot eat it.That is one
    reason for him to kick off i see stars.The chanting of i see star was
    disrespectful because the people probably knew they weren’t going to see
    i see stars and Ronnie could not do anything about it its not like he
    can call i see stars and say come here quick they probably wouldn’t come
    anyways. The past incident of his jail records of his girlfriend and etc
    dose not have anything to do with him kicking off i see stars. The
    shirts of people wearing i see stars was a bit disrespectful but he
    should have not kicked the out or the kids that were wearing Chelsea
    Grin or Enter Shikari shirts but maybe he did think they were i see
    stars shirts and in the moment of anger said get out the people wearing
    escape the fate shirts that was very disrespectful those are Ronnie
    “haters” and cannot accept he is doing great now and just came to boo
    him which is retarded cause they have to pay for tickets and are helping
    his profit so it makes no sense, so i could understand why he kicked
    them out. I Hope i see stars dose not end up in the wrong path i hope they stay strong and i hope Falling in reverse goes great and good luck to both bands