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Sworn Enemy Guitarist, Lorenzo Antonucci, Speaks Out Against Ronnie Radke

We’ve covered Ronald Radke of Falling In Reverse pretty heavily. You know by now that he’s done some terrible things. Things that most musicians would never even consider doing. In case you aren’t up to date with the rocker’s latest scandals, you can get the lowdown from ex- Sworn Enemy guitarist Lorenzo Antonucci, who has some […]


Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea Leads Sports Protest

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are famed sports fans, with drummer Chad Smith a fan of all teams Detroit, and the band themselves writing multiple songs that reference their love for the Los Angeles Lakers. Flea, a former USC music student, played the national anthem at a UCLA game recently, and was wearing a shirt […]

Greeley Estates Release EP Tracklistings

Greeley Estates have released the tracklist for both of their upcoming EPs; The Narrow Road and Devil Son. While there is no official release date for Devil Son yet, The Narrow Road is set to be released November 20. We hope to know what the release date is for Devil Son very soon, and the […]


STREAM: Sufjan Stevens – “Alphabet St.” (Prince Cover)

Sufjan Stevens is a nut bar. He is my favorite nut bar, but who he is and what he does is outside the realm of normal for most artists. He has a Christmas box set, spells his own name wrong in the title of his tour, has an extremely violent holiday music video, and now […]


Pentimento’s Former Label Claiming Songs They Don’t Own

Our friends over at PropertyofZack have uncovered something quite interesting: apparently, Panic Records is issuing copyright claims and taking down the videos for Pentimento‘s music on Youtube. The problem? Panic Records is no longer Pentimento’s label, and doesn’t own the rights at all, according to the report. We’ll keep you updated on what this is […]

3 inches of blood

LYRIC VIDEO: 3 Inches Of Blood – “Storming Juno”

Heavy metal band 3 Inches Of Blood have published a lyric video for the song “Storming Juno” off their latest album Long Live Heavy Metal. The song is pretty old school metal itself (metal I can enjoy!), with the video having the lyrics mostly hand written on boards in black and white. In support of […]

luke skywalker

Writer Of ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ And ‘Toy Story 3’ To Write New ‘Star Wars’

On October 30, we told you of the plans of Disney’s to make a new Star Wars film by 2015. We now have the first of details to share: Michael Arndt is slated to write the script, having already pitched a treatment to the people in charge. If the plot follows the treatment, the next […]


Miss The UTG Film Screening? Watch ‘The Sleepover’ Online For Free!

Earlier this week UTG hosted our first film screening in the great city of Boston, MA. Some of you made the trek out in the area’s first snowfall to enjoy some horror fun with our staff, and now everyone who was unable to attend can get in on the fun. The Sleepover, which opened our […]


Comedian Katt Williams Sued For Allegedly Punching His Assistant In The Face

This weekend is off to a rough start for comedian Katt Williams. TMZ is reporting that the Pimp Chronicles comic is being sued for $5 million dollars by his former assistant over claims Williams punched her and caused permanent damages. The woman, Melissa Ishage, filed her lawsuit in L.A. County Superior Court this past week. […]