Panic Records Respond To Pentimento Claims Over Music Rights

Panic Records

Recently, we found out that Pentimento and their former record label, Panic Records, were having a rights dispute over their debut full length album. Since then, we have been reporting on the issue and supporting the band, as we have been supporting them the last couple of months.

Panic Records has now released their side of the story via a Facebook status. You can read what they had to say on the issue by checking below the jump. You can also check out the original post right here.

We will be sure to keep you updated on the situation and will reveal more details as they come along. In the meantime, Pentimento is releasing digital copies of their album for free, you can download the album while it’s available here.

You can believe the spin of Pentimento if you’d like. The band is always the victim in every situation when it comes to band/label disputes and if you side with them and call fowl on Panic Records, that’s your choice. Remember there are two sides to every story. I honestly do not care. Pentimento signed a contract and were happy with Panic Records on up until they were offered a deal from another label in which I tried to negotiate the end to their contract so that all parties would be satisfied. Pentimento are the ones that introduced their lawyer into the dealings and I responded with a lawyer as well.

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  • It would be cool if they actually mentioned what the deal was instead of he-said-she-said nonsense. No answers, just “you can believe whoever you want, idc.” Ridiculously stupid.