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Continuing our expansion of original content, Under The Gun Review presents its latest column, Sounds Familiar, dedicated to trawling the world and web for the latest remixes, redos, and reminiscent bits that our newest columnist Julia McAlpine finds appealing. Be prepared for some diversity in your music library. The songs may not be new, but they will be different and worth a spin.

If you have a remix or cover that you would like to see featured here, let us know! Write with the subject “Sounds Familiar” and we’ll take a listen!

The xx – “Chained” (Panic City Remix)

I love The xx for their sad, thought-provoking sound, but that sad sound often translates to sad-but-not-in-a-good-way remixes. Panic City approaches The xx differently, and I think this my favorite remix of any The xx song I’ve heard so far. Instead of throwing in a measly beat and calling it a day, Panic City actually adapts The xx to the dance genre to create a true floor filler. I love how bittersweet this track is; The xx is crooning about what ifs and how “we used to be closer than this,” yet the song demands free, joyful dancing. Perfect.

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The Young Professionals – “Video Games” (Lana Del Rey Cover)

I’m pretty sure most of us are sick of Miss Del Rey and her whiny, oddly alluring vocals by now. She’s been remixed to death, SNL parodied, and frequently reblogged on Tumblr (partly due to girl-crush qualities and partly due to said SNL parodies). I like this cover of “Video Games” because it has an different vibe than the original and feels like a completely separate song. It leans hard into indie pop, bordering on too pop-y, and is supported by video game-inspired synthesizing and sound effects. Which funnily enough gives this cover a quality comparable to the original — it’s definitely guilty pleasure material.

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Crystal Castles Feat. Robert Smith – “Not In Love” (Grandtheft Edit)

Mix Crystal Castles’ synthesizing with the vocals of The Cure’s Robert Smith, and the result is this awesome track. You know the already-catchy melody, but it’s surprising how much the song changes with the addition of Crystal Castles’ instrumentals. I love that this song, like The xx track above, is bittersweet; the tune is a mood-lifter despite Robert Smith’s cries of lost love. Get your teenage angst on.

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The Good Natured – “For The Widows In Paradise, For The Fatherless In Ypsilanti” (Sufjan Stevens Cover)

This Sufjan Stevens cover has been out for awhile, but it’s definitely worth a mention. The original track is one of Stevens’ most well-known, and for good reason; it’s still pure Sufjan, but more approachable than some of his avant-garde tunes. The Good Natured’s Sarah McIntosh maintains the delicate sound of the song with her enunciated vocals and gorgeous self-harmonization, and I love how her British accent slips through. This song is beautiful, whether you indulge in the original or the cover.

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Yuna – “Lullabies” (Adventure Club Remix)

I heard the original track a few weeks ago, and preferred the lyrics to the instrumentals by far. This remix is a great alternative, as it holds on to the lyrics I cherish most, but gives the song a dance-worthy makeover. Though the track is infused with dubstep, it isn’t too filthy to ruin the sweet vocals of Malaysian singer Yuna or impinge those gentle lyrics. If you haven’t listened to the original, I recommend checking it out; it’ll make you appreciate its use in an EDM track even more.

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That’s it for this week! Julia is going to attempt to learn the banjo so she can be signed to Sufjan Steven’s record label, Asthmatic Kitty. Well, first she needs to invest in a banjo. Baby steps.

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