MUSIC VIDEO: The Cab – “Endlessly”


The Cab have released their video for the fan favorite single, “Endlessly.” The clip was teased on MTV last week, and I thought they may have the debut, but it seems the group wanted to ease access for their fans worldwide and took the self release route at the end of the day. You can read a description of the music video below:

“There’s this box and all of these keys hidden around the room. She’s trying so hard to open this box, and as it won’t open, she gets more and more frustrated. Finally, she gives up and stops looking. And then, at the last second, she finds a ring in the ground where she threw the box. The ring represents love. The moment you stop searching for love is the moment you’re going to find it. It’s the moment that you exhale and let love come to you—that’s when the best love comes.”

You can view the video for “Endlessly” after the jump.

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