Voices And Vessels Looking For New Guitarist/Clean Vocalist

Voices And Vessels

Voices And Vessels announced today that they have officially parted ways with their guitarist/clean vocalist Cody. With that little bit of news they have also announced that they are now looking for someone to replace him (to play the guitar and sing the lead vocals). Read their statement below the jump about what they are looking for, and if you think you’re up to it head over to their Facebook page and send them a message!

Voices And Vessels will be releasing their full length album, Those Who Deceive, January 1 via Fort Charter Records. They also have a handful of tour dates coming up later this month and in early December. I recommend checking them out live if they are playing in your city!

Hey everyone, as of yesterday Cody is no longer a part of Voices and Vessels. He has made it clear that he does not feel passionate about the band anymore and he has decided it would be a smart decision for him to leave and pursue other things. As for us, we will not be slowing down. We plan to keep growing and making the dream that we have been working so hard on a reality. We are looking for a new guitarist and a new clean vocalist. We are willing to tryout anyone who is 18 years and older, has a stable income, is able to tour with the band, and has professional tour worthy gear. If you think this could be you feel free to message us and we will set something up for a tryout! Thanks for your time and understand everyone! Don’t worry, this is just the beginning for us!

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