Dream On, Dreamer Auditioning For Singer


Melbourne metalcore outfit Dream On, Dreamer have released a message to fans that they opened up auditions for a new singer. Bassist/singer Michael McLeod AKA Mcoy is leaving and the group are preparing to carry on without him. Read the official statement about auditioning for Dream On, Dreamer and let UTG know if you consider helping them out!

The band are still planning on releasing their follow-up to Heartbound in 2013 through Rise Records.

“There’s no easy way to go about this, but after a lot of consideration we have decided to seek out a singer to replace Mcoys position in the band. It goes without saying that he’s going to be a hard member to replace, however, after discussing we have decided that it’s the right move. It’s an important element of our music that we wish to continue using.

If you are a singer and wish to audition you can find out how by downloading the following:


Auditions are to be sent to:


Much love,
Dream On Dreamer”

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