Ronnie Radke Apologizes To Fans


The tale of Ronnie Radke’s misadventures in 2012 alone is one that would take far too long to recount. It seems like every other week since May we have found something to report on the Falling In Reverse frontman, usually in a negative context, but this weekend it seems Ronnie may have had a change of heart as fans in Orlando were witness to something even we at UTG have never seen Mr. Radke do. That night, Ronnie Radke apologized.

Now before you run for the pitchforks and begin crying foul, I must ask that you hear the guy out. I mean, Ronnie takes an entire twenty seconds to vaguely comment on the dozens of situations he’s found himself in recently, so the least we can do is let him speak. There are no details, but it is something more than silence and defensive remarks. You can view the apology after the jump.

James Shotwell

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  • Guest

    I hate what he’s recently have done. I really really hate the trouble he’s been getting himself into. But the whole time I’ve been telling people that he has it in him to be an actual good person. I don’t care if he has to go back to jail for that to happen I know he’ll be seen as a good guy one day.

  • caroline

    When I saw him in Tampa he said he’s “sorry to anyone he’s ever wronged” and “anyone who’s ever had a problem with me” and a guy that had been showing him his middle finger the whole time slowly, but surely brought it down. I know he’s gotten into more trouble and I’m not gonna be a silly fan and defend his wrongdoings, becayse that’s not ok; I don’t care if it takes jail time again I promise he’ll be seen as a good guy one day.