WATCH: Death Grips Talk About Leaving Their Label


Death Grips have done the punkest of rock things to do, going from an unsigned up-and-coming noise rap band, to a major label artist, to a band screwing around with their label’s expectations, to an ex-major label artist who aren’t really looking for help on their next album release. They’ve basically done all that this year and more.

They recently did an interview with Pitchfork that you can see on Youtube. The interview is a great watch, both for the clips of live footage and for what the band actually says about their moving on. On their future, they said “A lot of things have to be determined that aren’t that interesting– figuring out how we’re going to [move forward]. And whether we’re going to do that ourselves, or who’s going to do that with us, based on our actions of purposefully trying to get out of the record deal we’re exiting right now. Even in life– we aren’t people with big expectations. We don’t expect much from other people. But that has to do with what our lives have been like outside of music; what you’ve experienced, even as a kid.

They also talk about cancelling their summer US tour, and the making of their second record in this year. You can watch the full interview here (and it’s very quotable – “We’ve done what we mean to do“) in a quick click.


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