The Gay Blades Release Song To Help Those Affected By Hurricane Sandy

The Gay Blades 2012

The Gay Blades are without a doubt one of the most influential bands in the life of UTG. Our name hails from a song on their debut album, and we have constantly promoted the New York duo at every given chance. They’re one of many bands that deserve more than they have been given by the world, but in the light of everything they still have the good conscience to strive to aide others.

This morning, The Gay Blades released a new single entitled, “Family.” The song was written and recorded with the intent of being released to aide those hurt by Hurricane Sandy, and the proceeds of the sales will go to do just that. You can read a message from the band about the song below. Click here to stream and purchase “Family.”

Hey Team,

The Gay Blades haven’t been very busy these days, so thanks for reading. The long story short is that I wrote and (quickly) recorded a song which I have just put up on bandcamp in an attempt to help raise some funds for my NY/NJ brothers and sisters affected by the hurricane. Read on for the back ground, or just skip it and buy the track here:

I was watching President Obama’s victory speech on the Tuesday following Mother Nature’s latest magic show, Hurricane Sandy, and he said something incredible. He called the population of our great country the “American Family.” It was the only bit of rhetoric from the entire ugly campaign proceedings that resonated with me.

Following the storm, I watched neighbors, loved ones and strangers reach out to other neighbors, loved ones and strangers, offering hope and help and love. It was a powerful reminder that the ties that bind our communities together are far stronger than those stupid inconsequential things that would tear us apart.

We are family.

If you are able to do so and would like a small opportunity to help, please purchase the song I’ve dedicated to my beloved family in NY and NJ. Its aptly titled “Family” and I’m proud to have written it and to have been given the opportunity to share it with you. The wonderful album art was donated by my brother and a huge source of inspiration, Nicholas Forker.

All donations will go directly to two grassroots organizations doing enormous good during very difficult times, Occupy Sandy (NY) and RebuildRecover (NJ).

For more information on these amazing organizations, visit:

To see more of Nicholas’ creations, visit:

Thanks lovelies,
James Dean Wells

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