As Cities Burn Releasing New Album?


A resurrected As Cities Burn took to their social networks just a mere three hours ago to announce that the band has plans to release for a new project in the works. Sure, the band has had a history of teasing big news well in advance of it’s time, but we here at UTG could not be more excited to hear of this.

Any details as to whether or not this will include the band’s former vocalist TJ Bonnette remain unknown. While generally seen as the Bonette, what was originally the band’s primary vocalist, left (on good terms) when the group was in-between their Son, I Loved You At Your Darkest and Come Now Sleep album cycles, but has oftentimes returned to perform part or even full sets with the band since their late 2011 reunion. Either way, Cody Bonnette has stepped up to the plate as the main vocalist for Come Now Sleep and Hell or High Water as the band moved towards a more unique indie rock sound, and is sure to deliver a mighty performance on what could be a fourth release whether he’s performing as the band’s second vocalist alongside his brother or on his own.

You can find the band’s Facebook status after the jump. As always, be sure to stay tuned, as we will be among the first to tell of any and all details that come to light regarding this iconic band’s potential return to releasing music.

NEWS UPDATE: Details regarding a new project from us (As Cities Burn) coming soon. Taking it to the next level on this one. A challenging endeavor from start to finish. Get ready to be a part of it.

Taken from the band’s Facebook page.

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  • If you look at their Info page on FB it has TJ as vocalist.

  • Thanks for the feedback. I already saw that, but I know that his appearances have been sporadic. For example, Colin is still listed on FB as the band’s bass player, but I know for a fact that Stephen Keech (ex-Haste The Day) has been filling in for a greater part of 2012. It’s not hard to imagine a new album without TJ, but it could be just as likely that he’ll appear.