Silverstein Announce New Album ‘This Is How The Wind Shifts;’ Stream First Single


Silverstein will release their seventh studio album, This Is How The Wind Shifts, in February 2013 through Hopeless Records / Universal Music Canada / Roadrunner Australia. Today, the band unveiled the album’s artwork and lead single, “Stand Amid The Roar,” through an announcement across social networks. You can view the artwork and stream the song by clicking through the “Read more” link at the end of this article.

Call me crazy, but news of this album seems to have come out of nowhere. Looking around I see very few details hinting at a new release, and with a street date only three months away it seems like Hopeless may be scrambling with their promotional efforts. That said, “Stand Amid The Roar” kicks a lot of ass, and I have hope the rest of the record will pack similar intensity. Comment below and let us know your thoughts on Silverstein’s new single.

James Shotwell

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  • No. I like it I don’t want to hear about an album months ahead and knowing Silverstein as of late I wouldn’t be surprised if they were just like hey… lets do an album out of nowhere.

  • I like the fact they did it out of nowhere, it got me instantly excited! It was a great surprise, keeps the interest alive, knowing they’re unpredictable.