EDITORIAL: An Epilogue to Nic Cage November


We’ve spent this past month holding up one of our favorite actors on a pedestal for the entire world to see. Yes, this man is Nicolas Cage. If you follow the site regularly, you’ve probably seen a wealth of Nicolas Cage fandom, appreciation, and analysis. I’m not as funny as the normal Nic Cage November writers Dane and Justin, but despite my intense hatred for Justin, we all have the same level of appreciation for the man who can chameleon his way into any and every role.  A lot of the time, the Cage is used as the penultimate so-bad-he’s-good actor, and that’s for good reason. He’s played a lot of unique, weird, enigmatic, and just wonderful parts that it takes a true film fan to appreciate the scope of what is Mr. Cage. Yes, it will always be funny to laugh at the weird faces he makes, and yes, The Wicker Man will always be a tragic comedy where we can unapologetically laugh at Nic Cage in a bear suit punching people. However sometimes his quirkiness overshadows his truly great performances, and in our final Nic Cage November, I will be highlighting my personal favorite film by him that features a great performance, not because he’s turning into the Ghost Rider or yelling his ABC’s in the Vampire’s Kiss. This Nicolas Cage November the 30th, we will be talking The Weather Man.

For those who don’t know, in The Weather Man Nicolas Cage plays David Spritz, a local Chicago weather man who has to deal with being a father in a separated relationship, while balancing his chance to move up the ranks as a weather man for a national talk show called Hello America. The idea is simple and nothing really to write home about, but Nic Cage really is what makes this film enjoyable to watch.  He still has that same Nicolas Cage charm, but this isn’t a film that he really ‘overacts’ as some blame him for. While they are right in some regards, The Weather Man is a perfect showcase for Cage to just relax and get into a part that really fits him right. The film is kind of dark, and maybe that’s why I love it, because Cage really does a lot of silly parts in sillier films.

But don’t worry, Cage still has his fun moments in The Weather Man.

Don’t get me wrong, 90% of the time I’d love to see my main man run around looking for treasure or looking hella-weird in Moonstruck (why does this film always get overlooked? It’s actually really good). But in The Weather Man Nic decides to push himself further and do something serious when he normally gets type casted as an actor who only does weird roles. Cage deals with depression, feeling inadequate, and being a disappointment not only to his family, but himself as well. Not your normal role for the Cage, but he pulls it off in such a way that is not only believable and relatable, but surprisingly fun to watch. Yes there is some crazy awkward dialogue, but that really isn’t any fault of the Cage.

I think in our final day of Nicolas Cage November, one thing is certain: Nic Cage is one of the hardest working actors in the business right now. You can say whatever you want about the man, but it’s indisputable how much Cage works, but not only that getting truly lost in the roles he plays. Nothing is really too weird for Nic, and some may look at that as an actor who doesn’t know how to say no, but really it’s a guy who loves the art form and does everything he can to be somebody in a business that really would rather have you been one-sided. Cage isn’t even his original last name; it was Coppola. Yes, Nicolas Cage is the nephew of Francis Ford Coppola, and cousins of Roman and Sofia Coppola. That’s a pretty huge connection into the film business, and that kind of name recognition could get you some really sought after parts purely because of who he was related to. Yet Nicolas Cage decided to change his name because he wanted to be hired on his own merit, not the backs of his relatives. To me, that is one of the most respectable things I’ve seen in film industry, so to see him thrive really is a testament to how brilliant of an actor Nic Cage really is. Here at the UTG film department, we want to thank you for your continued support of Nic Cage November, and we want to remind you that just since the month is over, your love of everything Cage doesn’t need to stop. Live, breath, and die with Nicolas Cage. You make our hearts beat strong.

Written By: Tyler Osborne

Tyler Osborne

Live in DC, grew up in PA. I specialize in writing, filming and taking pictures about punk, pop-punk, and hardcore music, and I also have a huge background in film as well. When not on the site, i'm running my own internet radio show, ToZ's Edge Radio (www.facebook.com/tozedgeradio). I also love stage diving and goldfish.
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