LIVE VIDEO: Fall Out Boy – Never Before Seen Footage from 2002


Remember when Fall Out Boy had to remind people that they had merch for sale after playing a set in an old indoor skate park? Not many do. One fan in Chicago does, however.

On Saturday, November 16, 2002, Fall Out Boy opened the Jim Grimes XXX Birthday Show. Named amongst the headliners were Rise Against, Every Time I Die, Bleeding Through, and the Misery Signals. Gracing the very bottom of the list was our favorite pop-punk group who would one day become bigger than almost all of the bands that played later that day.

At the show,  took up his tape recording camera and filmed Fall Out Boy’s set. On tape he caught many early favorites, some of which ended up on Take This To Your Grave which was released just months later.

Chris only uploaded one video with two songs. The rest he’s keeping for himself. Until this day, only he had lain eyes on the footage that had been laying in a box in his mother’s basement. Now you can see them play “Dead on Arrival” and “Reinventing The Wheel To Run Myself Over” in the video below.


[via Pupfresh]

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    I love this. They knew they weren’t supposed to be there but they still rocked out as hard as they possibly could. They look like they are having so much fun. I will always love Fall Out boy and everything they gave me, and I would not expect anything less than something like this from them, even at 18. Although it is unfortunate that Christopher won’t share the rest of this obviously legendary performance, I would probably do the same. This is art at its finest.