Lamb Of God Frontman Officially Indicted On Manslaughter Charges In Prague

Randy Blythe

For those of you who don’t read Czech, is reporting that Lamb Of God frontman, Randy Blythe, has officially been indicted of manslaughter in Prague, CZE. A few months ago Randy was arrested for the death of a fan at a show in Prague in 2010. Since then, we have been keeping up to date as much as possible on details of the incident.

The trial date has not yet been set, and according to the Czech news source the court has three months to set a date. If convicted on trial he will face five to ten years in Czech prison.

We will update you as more details emerge.

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  • Taylor Schmidt

    Randy did what almost anyone on stage would do for a venue that size, if secruity let him through, espeically in a foregin country. Just because its a metal show it gets this kind of bad rep.