LIVE VIDEO: Arma Angelus (Pete Wentz Hardcore band)’s Last Set; 2002

arma angelus

You remember when Pete Wentz used to scream on certain Fall Out Boy songs even if it didn’t really fit? Well that all sprang from the deep rooted hardcore tendencies he garnered when he fronted Arma Angelus. They were as hardcore as you could get.

Sending out posi vibes to kids fighting in the crowd during the band’s last set, Pete screams his sober heart out while Joe Trohman filled in on guitar and Patrick Stump took role of drummer. This was the last show Arma Angelus ever played. Chris Gutierrez (bassist) posted the video and is also the subject of FOB’s song “Grenade Jumper.”

Hey Chris, you were our only friend.
And I know this is belated, but we love you back.

It should be known that Chris also replaced Tim McIlrath as bassist when he left to form Rise Against.

It was also the same show where an early Fall Out Boy set was recorded. You can watch that here (and more from 2003 here). Watch them play a few songs below.


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