Set Your Goals Postpones SoCal Holiday Show; Band Releases Statement

Set Your Goals

It is with much dismay that we here at UTG announce that Set Your Goals will be postponing their upcoming holiday show at Los Angeles’ Chain Reaction this Friday, December 7. The decision was made because of vocalist Jordan Brown’s recently ruptured achilles tendon from Sunday’s show. Rest assured that the band’s loyal Southern Californian fans will still have a show to attend in the future, once Brown has been cleared to actually move around at shows (because let’s face it: watching somebody sing in a wheelchair is boring).

This Time Next Year (who were originally planning on making this show their final one as a band) have announced via their facebook page that in light of this, the band is going to be rescheduling as well.

A full statement made by Brown on behalf of SYG can be found right after the jump.

Huge thank you to the Oakland bay area for making the Gk holiday show on Sunday night the most perfect we’ve played all year. It was so indescribably fun and we have something really, really special and creative here! To see it this strong, for so many years now, it’s a really big deal, not just for the bands on the stage but for everyone of us personally and as a unit.

So for everyone who was there Sunday night, I ruptured my achilles tendon in my right leg and I have no idea how it happened. Really weird! But I wouldn’t have been able to play the show without you guys. Due to the severity of the injury, and some surgery and/or lengthy casting that’s going to happen, we will be forced to postpone our Chain Reaction show and for this I’m extremely sorry. We were excited to come down for this show and if it were possible we would. This is in the best interest of giving you all the best show we can. And we promise to do that as soon as we get a make-up date booked.

We’ll post up any updates regarding a rescheduled date once we have it all set via our Facebook, twitter(@setyourgoals) or so please follow!

The entire band and I just want to thank the whole bay area (our home!), and to everyone (everywhere) who came to an SYG show this year, who made a long drive, who took a second to say hi or share a story, took a minute to hear our songs, and just let us into your year in any way at all. We are so excited for 2013 and we hope we can bring you all a ton of long over due shows and music. Much love, here’s to the new year and everyone here! – Jordan Syg

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